Project Materials

The project corpus is composed of 25 texts written and published between 1844 and 1937, listed in the table below. Associated metadata and detailed information for each document is provided in the Interrogating Marx(ism) digital collection management platform.

These writings were selected based upon recommendations from consulting scholars versed in Marx and Marxism through their studies in History, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science, and intended to represent a broad range of topics and thought among Marx, his early adherents, and initial Marxist practitioners.

1844Comments on James MillKarl Marx
1845Theses on FeuerbachKarl Marx
1846The German Ideology, Part IKarl Marx & Friedrich Engels
1847The Poverty of PhilosophyKarl Marx
1847Draft of a Communist Confession of FaithFriedrich Engels
1847The Principles of CommunismFriedrich Engels
1848Manifesto of the Communist PartyKarl Marx & Friedrich Engels
1848Demands of the Communist Party in GermanyKarl Marx & Friedrich Engels
1850Address of the Central Committee to the Communist LeagueKarl Marx & Friedrich Engels
1864Inaugural Address of the International Working Men's AssociationKarl Marx
1865Value, Price and ProfitKarl Marx
1866Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General CouncilKarl Marx
1869The Right of InheritanceKarl Marx
1872The Nationalisation of the LandKarl Marx
1872On AuthorityFriedrich Engels
1873Political IndifferentismKarl Marx
1880Socialism: Utopian and ScientificFriedrich Engels
1883The Right To Be LazyPaul Lafargue
1883Socialism and Political StruggleGeorgi Plekhanov
1897Socialism and NationalismJames Connolly
1905Socialist Reconstruction of SocietyDaniel DeLeon
1906Social-Democracy & Woman SuffrageClara Zetkin
1912What Now?Rosa Luxemburg
1917The Revolution against 'Capital'Antonio Gramsci
1937Social Democracy vs. CommunismKarl Kautsky