Interrogating Marx(ism)Interrogating Marx(ism) is a project in Cultural Analytics. It began as “Interrogating Marx,” an experiment in visualizing patterns and trends within the writings of Karl Marx based on samples from widely dispersed points in his career. It soon broadened to include works from a collection of “first generation” Marxist thinkers. This expanded project aims to produce an online resource for examining, analyzing, and digitally interrogating writings from a shared tradition.

Incorporating algorithms and techniques developed in the field of Digital Humanities, the project will offer various means for exploring these texts, enabling the discovery of patterns and relationships within network graphs and statistical models of semantic relationships. In the process, we hope to expand the corpus of Digital Humanities materials to include additional examples of philosophy and philosophical writing.

Our goal is to create a means for applying established techniques via a “portal,” a dynamic website for interrogating and comparing the writings of Marx and other leading political philosophers, and in the process discover new research questions. The broader goal is to offer new modes of discovery beyond traditional web searching. As we work toward these objectives we’ll post updates and news of our progress here, and any feedback, recommendations, and collaborative opportunities will be welcomed.