What Keywords Interest You?

From the user perspective, what keywords about Karl Marx are you interested in looking at on our website? What aspects of Marx’s life do you find more interesting? Political economy? Technology? Workers? Cats?

Where do you think Marx wrote more books? Paris? Brussels? London?

Research shows that an audience influences how a writer creates their work. I think the same applies when creating a digital project — knowing what questions our audience is interested in will inspire us in ways we never imagined.

If you happen to be visiting the website, please share your thoughts and tell us what you want to know about, or know more about, Marxism.

Thank you! 😺


18 thoughts on “What Keywords Interest You?

  1. James Mellone

    As a teacher and researcher I would like to know at the beginning of any keyword search inquiry what actual texts make up this digital collection. Perhaps I missed the list – if so, please excuse this post. It would be great if the list of books, with complete citations, could be seen on the very first page – About. The level of researcher who would require such a starting point does not really matter – both students and professors, newbies and scholars, need to know at the outset what books are available here for searching, and super important, what translations/editions were used. Marx’s original German technical and philosophical terminology is I suspect not easy to translate into English or other languages, so knowing when the translation into English was made can influence the keyword choice of the researcher, and of course, the results of the Context Search mechanism.

  2. Jing Zhao Post author

    Dear Professor Mellone:

    Thank you so much for your valuable advice. It would be great if our users can see the list of our project at a noticeable place on the website.

    Best wishes,
    Jing Zhao

    1. Dave Williams

      Thanks, Prof. Mellone — that’s actually an easy oversight to rectify.

      Because we’re generating our text corpus from a collection of discrete files, in Unicode text and XHTML formats, we can present the list via a link to the digital collection management system: http://adiuva.me/

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