About the Project

Contact the project via email at interrogatingmarx@gmail.com.

The Interrogating Marx(ism) group would like to thank Dr. Stephen Brier, Instructional Technology & Pedagogy Coordinator for the CUNY Graduate Center, faculty advisor Dr. Andrea Silva of the York College Department of English. Dr. Justin Rogers-Cooper of the LaGuardia Community College English Department, and Prof. James T. Mellone, Social Sciences Librarian of the Queens College Libraries, for their invaluable contributions to the project. Special thanks and gratitude goes to the GC Digital Fellows for their consultation and technical support.

Project Participant Biographies and Contribution Statements

Sebastian Hoyos-TorresSebastian Hoyos-Torres is a Ph.D. student at the CUNY Graduate Center majoring in criminal justice. His interests include using data science to highlight issues in the justice system, applying the R programming language to analyze data types ranging from textual to quantitative.

For the Interrogating Marx(ism) project Sebastian takes on the role of back-end developer, responsible for producing text visualizations and developing component applications. Using the Shiny web app development environment, Sebastian provides a user-friendly approach to interpreting Marx and his contemporaries.

Dave WilliamsDavid J. “Dave” Williams is a librarian at Queens College, City University of New York, specializing in network-based digital services. His background includes library website management, electronic documentation systems management, and web development. Currently enrolled in the Graduate Center Liberal Studies program, Dave researches Data Visualization and Digital Humanities. He received his BS in Information Systems from Drexel University and an MLS from the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies with a certificate in Archives, Records Management, and Preservation.

As Project Manager, Dave coordinates the group schedule and activities, participates in outreach and documentation, prepares the text data for processing, and provides front-end customization and integration as required.

Jing ZhaoJing Zhao is a student in the Masters of Liberal Studies program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research track focuses on Digital Humanities, and his interests center on the intersection of pedagogy and technology. A Chinese language teacher and translator, Jing received a fundamental education in Marxism for over two decades as a student in the People’s Republic of China.

Jing’s contributions to the project include responsibility for documentation, customization, and outreach.